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Benefits of Cold Therapy for Athletes
Cold Therapy For Athletes For many athletes, athletic training typically requires intense multiple daily training sessions push them into a state of "super compensation" where the body naturally adapts to stress by using its resources to become stronger, fitter, and faster. The...
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What is Cold Therapy?
Cold Therapy FAQ'sWhat is Cold Therapy? Cold Therapy or Cryotherapy, is a proven method applied in medical and surgical techniques to reduce pain, inflammation, and expedite recovery. Cryo- derives from the Greek word "krous," meaning "icy," "cold" or "frost" and...
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Best Cold Therapy Units for 2024
Shopping for the Best Cold Therapy units of 2024? Based on customer reviews and our experience here are the best units to choose from. Our team has carefully selected the top cold therapy units available for 2024 based on customer reviews and our own expertise.
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