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What is Cold Therapy used for?

Heart Surgery, Hormone Balancing, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation, One-Time or Repetitive Strain Injuries, Sports Medicine & Post-Exercise, Skin Problems, Additional Pain Relief

Donjoy Iceman Series

Ice for Hours

Provide optimal control of swelling to minimize pain and reduce recovery time.

Iceman Classic3
Game Ready Ice Machine GRPro 2.1 Game Ready Therapy Carry Bag Game Ready Universal Knee Wrap Game Ready 6' Connector Hose Game Ready Hip-Groin Wrap

Game Ready GRPro 2.1

Cold and Compression Therapies in a Dual-Action Treatment System

simply and simultaneously apply active pneumatic (air) compression and adjustable cold therapies to reduce swelling, minimize pain, and speed and enhance your body's natural healing abilities.

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The ice machine is critical to my recovery from shoulder surgery! It is easy to use and provides excellent cooling for the entire shoulder.

M. Ellis

Polar Care Wave


The product works very well. I had a total right knee replacement and it really helps with the postoperative discomfort.


Cryo Cuff IC Cooler


Used cold therapy after my shoulder surgery. Bought the knee pad for my knee replacement. Best therapy ever.

Steven M.

IceMan Clear3


The only way to ice a bruise. This machine saves the trouble and mess of frequent ice packs, and instead acts as a steady, cool ice pack (not COLD like straight ice) to reduce swelling from a recent injury or bruise.

B. Brown

Breg Polar Care Cube


Hip replacement: Easy to use. Worked well for controlling post surgery pain.


Iceman Wrap-On Pads