SourceColdTherapy wants to protect all customers from the increased risk of infection associated with using returned and/or previously used cold therapy merchandise. Cold therapy units are used after arthroscopic or open orthopedic procedures, and their pads come in contact with incision sites thus rendering them unusable by another individual. Local water municipalities do not remove every contaminant including pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals. Bacteria and/or contaminants in household water can dry on the inside of coolers and thus get passed onto another individual with "used" equipment. Due to these concerns, Source Cold Therapy ships only new, sealed units to customers. We NEVER ship returned products to our customers. Unfortunately this is a common problem on Amazon, eBay and gray market websites were the resellers are not always legitimate distributors of these products. We encourage customers to call us for product information and general questions before placing their order online. For the protection of all customers, cold therapy units and pads are non-returnable items.

What Type Of Warranty Comes With My Cold Therapy Product?

Every manufacturer has a warranty period. Find yours below.

  • Aircast = 6 months for coolers and 1 month for pads.
  • Breg = 6 months for coolers and 1 month for pads.
  • Donjoy = 6 months for coolers and 1 month for pads.
  • Ossur = 6 months for coolers and 1 month for pads.

If your device, pad, or part is malfunctioning, or leaking, Source Cold Therapy will gladly replace it with the same new, unused device, pad, or part within the warranty period. For more details and specifics to each manufacturer's unique expressed and implied product warranties, please contact the manufacturer directly. Please contact Source Cold Therapy (866-425-3209) with questions or comments regarding our cold therapy return policy.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at 866-425-3209 or email us at to discuss and so that we can issue a Return Authorization Number.

If you received the wrong item or the item is damaged or defective, there will be no cost to our customers for returns or replacements.